When Every Second Costs,
Every Second Counts

In healthcare, communication can literally change lives. With medical error now the third leading cause of death in the US (Johns Hopkins University), it’s more crucial than ever for your care teams to operate as cohesive units.

TigerConnect can help teams do just that. It’s expertly designed to help reduce the length of stay, save money, and improve patient outcomes.

Delivering Real Improvements

5 out of the 10 largest hospital systems in the U.S. rely on TigerConnect, and it’s no wonder why. TigerConnect’s healthcare communication system can help organizations see measurable improvements in critical areas, such as:


  • Resource Optimization
  • Higher Patient Satisfaction
  • Faster Discharges & Transfers
  • Higher Staff Satisfaction
  • Lower Readmission Rates
  • Care Team Collaboration
  • Fewer Medical Errors
  • Reduction In Bed Days

Products For The Way You Work

  • TigerText Essentials

    Secure Messaging

    Save time and money with
    TigerText Essentials, a HIPAA-compliant secure messaging app with administrative controls and integrations.

  • TigerFlow

    Clinical Communications

    Transform your healthcare organization with our full-service communication system, complete with customizable integrations and workflow features.

  • TigerFlow Enterprise

    Advanced EHR Integration

    Take your health system to the next level with TigerFlow Enterprise’s fully integrated healthcare solution that maximizes ROI across your organization.

TigerConnect: A Solution for the Entire Organization

  • Physicians

    Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time with patients.


  • Nurses

    Get fast answers with no phone tag and stay connected to the entire care team.


  • Executives

    Streamline operations, contain costs, and increase reimbursements.


  • IT

    Integrate systems with minimal effort and cost while maintaining full control over users and policies.


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