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    Five Major Issues with Hospital Communications Systems and How to Improve Them

    How to Improve Hospital Communications Systems

    Hospital communication failures can have dire consequences for medical providers and patients. Behind almost every medical error, there’s a breakdown in communication, from misunderstood diagnostic results to erroneously entered information, a botched handover, or something else. The impact of these...

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    Five Ways to Reduce Door-to-Balloon Time

    Is your hospital consistently and reliably achieving national guidelines of door-to-balloon time of 90 minutes or less? In this on-demand webinar, TigerConnect CMIO Dr. William O’Connor will show you five ways a Clinical Communication and Collaboration (CC&C) solution can cut...

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    Three Communication Interventions That Reduce Readmissions

    Three communication interventions that reduce readmissions

    New Jersey-based Kennedy Health (now Jefferson Health) recently made a remarkable discovery: Within one six-month period, just 21 patients accounted for 903 visits to its ED. Many of them, of course, were ultimately readmitted to the hospital. “We were having...

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    How a Lack of Communication is Damaging Healthcare

    How a lack of communication is damaging healthcare

    The pace of change in healthcare moves slowly, and this is completely understandable. When patients’ lives and overall well-being rests in your hands, it’s an enormous responsibility and generally safer to rely on proven methods of care. Unfortunately, that mentality...

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