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    Reduce Nursing Burnout and Get an Hour Back in Your Day

    TigerText Webinar

    Do you wish you could spend more quality time with patients, spend less time with obstacles, and get an hour back in your day? As healthcare’s largest provider of secure messaging and communication solutions, TigerText helps care team members get an...

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    The Impact of Clinical Communication on Hospitals

    The Impact of Clinical Communications on Hospitals

    Hospitals Use TigerText to Increase Profitability and Improve Patient Outcomes Effective communication among hospital staff can mean the difference between acceptable medical care and exceptional medical care for patients. Better-connected care teams see improved collaboration, faster throughput, and better patient outcomes...

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  • Kirk Paul Kirkman
    Kirk Paul Kirkman

    Ransomware Underscores Value of Secure Messaging

    On Friday May 12, 2017, the world witnessed the effect that a ransomware attack can have on a large health system as the United Kingdom’s National Health System (NHS) became the latest victim of this serious and malevolent act. While...

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    The next phase of clinical communication has arrived

    It is astounding that in 2017 so many hospitals and health systems still communicate like it is 1997. This topic is explored in a blog post from last year introducing TigerFlow, but it is surprising how many nurses and physicians...

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