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    How to Improve Hospital Communication for Patient Handoffs

    How to improve patient handoff communications

    In the fast-paced environment of modern healthcare, good hospital communication is critical to patient outcomes and quality of care. Nowhere is this more evident than when handing over a case to another shift, team, or organization. An effective patient handoff...

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    The Business Case for a Clinical Communication and Collaboration Solution

    The business case for clinical communication and collaboration tools

    The estimated waste in U.S. healthcare spending now sits at a staggering $1 trillion. Hospital leaders are beginning to recognize they have no choice but to focus on cutting costs. Large-scale efforts are now underway that may eventually help turn...

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  • Brad Brooks
    Brad Brooks

    Outcomes, Operations, and Opportunities

    How TigerConnect customers use our platform to improve patient care.

    In Healthcare you are frequently starting or finishing a shift and need to inform or reach a rotating cast of people who affect your ability to complete your task. Multiply this by dozens of patients across a wide array of...

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    How to Improve Nurse Clinical Workflows and HCAHPS Scores

    How to Improve Nurse Clinical Workflows and HCAHPS Scores

    The ever-increasing importance of value-based healthcare is causing seismic shifts in the way medical providers offer care to patients. Measuring quality of service and patient satisfaction is central to providing excellent, value-based care, and one way of understanding quality is...

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