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    Four Challenges to Achieving Healthcare Interoperability

    Four Challenges to Achieving Healthcare Interoperability

    Vendors, Health IT businesses realize interoperability is key requirement for providers One of the most significant requirements in providing high-quality care is also one of the most difficult to achieve — true interoperability between healthcare providers, systems, technology, and information....

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  • Mary Asal, M.D.
    Mary Asal, M.D.

    Improving Resident and Provider Wellness with TigerConnect App for Doctors

    Improving resident and provider wellness with TigerConnect

    Residency is the time in a physician’s career that starts with wide-eyed bewilderment and rapidly the realization sets in (among many others) that there is no time for that bewilderment. First realization: The things I learned in medical school do...

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    11 Tips for Nurses to Get an Hour Back in Their Day

    11 Ways to Save an Hour in Your Day

    In healthcare, communication is everything. Lack of effective and efficient communication between clinicians can jeopardize patient safety, threaten patient outcomes and create barriers to patient care. Nurses are typically the first care team member to feel the negative effects of...

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  • Ross Menia
    Ross Menia

    Pager Danger: Six Myths Reveal How Pagers Compromise Healthcare

    Six Myths Reveal How Pagers Compromise Healthcare

    Despite the overwhelming number of technological advancements over the last few decades, the healthcare industry often relies on outdated, outmoded and old-fashioned devices to coordinate patient care. Case in point: care team members are still using pagers to communicate with...

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