TigerText Lets You Get Rid of SMS Messages at Will

12.06.10 In the News

By: Robin Raskin | December 6, 2010 (Featured on Mobile Apps Showdown/CES)

The average teen may send hundreds of texts a day but they’d be getting much more out of their efforts with TigerText. This app provides many features that standard SMS does not, including allowing a user to send text messages or photos that automatically delete off both the sender’s and receivers phone after a selected period of time. It also sends delivery and read notifications. Once a sender selects the message lifespan (from 1 minute up to 30 days), expired messages not only delete from both phones, but are not stored on any server and they cannot be retrieved once expired. The sender can also choose other options that do not exist with current texting technology, such as deleting the history of the conversation or making a text message “Delete on Read,” meaning the message will disappear 60 seconds after the recipient opens the message. Clearly, this application makes text messages much more private and ethereal. I’m sure we could all think of millions of dubious ways to use these features, but there are plenty of great reasons to have our texts evaporate after they’ve fulfilled their mission.

Cost: Free

Category: Messaging

Platform: Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad

Transforming Healthcare
Through Better Communication

TigerText transforms communication in healthcare, helping you achieve the best outcomes for your patients and staff while delivering the highest possible ROI for your organization.

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    Delivering Positive Healthcare Outcomes

    TigerText’s solution-based technology helps healthcare organizations like yours achieve important outcomes in critical areas, such as:

    • Resource Optimization
    • Hight Patient Satisfaction
    • Faster Discharges & Transfers
    • Higher Staff Satisfaction
    • Lower Readmission Rates
    • Care team Collaboration
    • Fewer Medical Errors
    • Reduction In Bed Days

    Products For The Way You Work

    • TigerText Essentials

      Secure Messaging

      Save time and money with
      TigerText Essentials, a HIPAAcompliant secure messaging app with administrative controls and integrations.

    • TigerFlow

      Clinical Communications

      Transform your healthcare organization with our full-service communication system, that includes custom integrations and workflow features.

    • TigerText Essentials

      Secure Messaging

      Take your health system to the next level with TigerFlow Enterprise’s fully-integrated healthcare solution that maximizes ROI across your organization.

    A Solution For The Entire Organization

    • Physicians

      Faster consults, instant results, and more
      time with patients

    • Nurses

      Get fast answers with no phone tag and stay
      connected to the entire care team

    • Executives

      Executives optimize operations , contain costs,
      and increase reimbursements & efficiency

    • IT

      Integrate systems with minimal effort & cost
      with full control over users & policies

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