Virtual Care Through TigerTouch

Bringing Patients into the Care Conversation

Patient Communication Made Better with Video, Voice, and Text

Bring patients into the workflow at the right time with the right team. TigerConnect’s virtual care experience supports
patient communication using text, voice or video, leading to lower readmission rates, improved population health,
and higher HCAHPS scores.

  • TigerTouch

    Brings Patients into the Care Conversation

    TigerTouch approaches virtual care from the clinician’s perspective by focusing on that critical period right before a patient is discharged and the days after they leave the facility.

    Conversations are initiated by the health professional and can include patients, family members, and the primary care physician, who can ask questions, share photos, and read attachments.

    Patients can respond to a doctor, nurse, case manager, or others included in patient communication without downloading an app or managing a profile.

  • Virtualized Nurse Call

    Remotely Connecting Nurses to the Bedside

    Prioritizing nurse call requests can be challenging when every alert looks the same.

    TigerConnect’s VoIP-powered Virtualized Nurse Call capability gives nurses the power to distinguish between critical alarms and routine requests. A PBX integration lets , nurses receive, route, and respond to real-time call bell alerts by speaking to patients directly through a bedside speaker or phone.

  • Virtual Care and Rounding

    Bringing the Entire Care Team to the Patient

    With group video and other capabilities, TigerConnect brings the concept of virtual care to reality. Whether a patient is in a hospital room, an urgent care center, or at home, Virtual Care and Rounding allows care teams to participate in group video sessions or text-based conversations to collaborate, share information in real time, and reach consensus around treatment options.