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10.08.17 TigerConnect

Inova Fairfax Hospital Expedites Case Management and Crisis Communication with TigerText.

  • Health Systems

    Improving communication in healthcare across multiple
    facilities is no small feat. As your clinical communications
    partner, TigerText provides works with the nation’s largest
    health systems to ensure you’ll be successful from Day
    One. With a client list that includes CHS, LifePoint, and
    Northwell Health, we’ve mastered the art of scalable
    deployments. From customized solution design through
    multi-facility implementation and ongoing support,
    TigerText maximizes patient throughput across dozens
    of affiliated facilities spanning multiple states to deliver
    efficiencies and cost savings on a massive scale.

  • Home Health

    TigerText improves home care and hospice workflows by
    eliminating phone tag and providing a seamless, two-way
    communication channel that allows for real-time sharing
    of patient data from the field. Because TigerText works on
    both company-issued and home health workers’ phones,
    nursing staff can quickly and easily text surgical wound
    photos, coordinate shift changes, communicate a patient’s
    status, and request medications. Messages can be geotagged
    for location purposes, and TigerText licenses are
    transferable to accommodate for frequent staff changes.

  • Nursing Facility

    Because Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF) must
    accommodate both short- and long-term patients with
    a wide range of conditions, TigerText makes it easy
    for nurses and allied health professionals to quickly
    access a broad spectrum of specialists and support
    staff. Whether sending photos of surgical wounds,
    requesting an intravenous (IV) bag change, managing
    injections, or coordinating a substitute physical therapist,
    TigerText connects staff in a way that lets them efficiently
    communicate and manage situations as they arise.

  • Hospital

    Hospitals today are highly complex organizations that
    rely on multiple information systems to ensure patients
    are properly cared for. Too often, information from the
    EHR, nurse call, admission & discharge, scheduling,
    PACS, and Lab systems remains difficult to access from
    the bedside. TigerText’s API centralizes disparate system
    data and makes it actionable at the point of care through
    the industry’s most feature-rich and user-friendly clinical
    communication application in hospitals.

  • ACO

    With Medicare incentives as a primary focus for
    Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), achieving
    heightened efficiencies in key areas such as timely
    discharges and readmission, is critical. TigerText has a
    proven track record helping ACOs meet and exceed
    government-set benchmarks by providing solid
    healthcare communication strategies to connect disparate
    organizations, reduce wait times, expedite results,
    accelerate discharges, and coordinate mandatory followups
    with out-of-network primary care physicians.

  • Ambulatory Care

    From urgent care locations to outpatient surgical
    centers and radiology clinics, TigerText makes it easy for
    ambulatory facility staff to communicate and coordinate
    care efforts. Physician practices can securely share images
    and patient information with their affiliate hospitals while
    hospital care managers can quickly schedule follow-ups
    for discharged patients. No more faxing or engaging in
    rounds of phone tag. Instead, users enjoy direct access to
    the care community for expedited patient throughput.

See How Innovation Care Partners Reduced Costs by 10%

Innovation Care Partners (ICP) aims to provide high quality, coordinated care and deliver positive patient outcomes. ICP tapped TigerText to provide their physicians with a tool to communicate securely and efficiently. Soon after, ICP realized the potential for TigerText to reduce patient readmission rates and costs of care.

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