Lake Wales Medical Center

Case Study

Lake Wales reduced consult times and reduced length of stay with TigerConnect

Lake Wales Medical Center reduced consult request times from days to hours by streamlining consult orders withTigerConnect, a secure clinical communication platform that also improved emergency department throughput and reduced length of stay.

Since the TigerConnect implementation, clinicians now only need to find the right specialist on-call in Roles and then send a secure text with the consult request. Attached to the message, they can include patient chart data, test results, including electrocardiogram strips, and images from its Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). Sending the information with the request offers additional context and allows the physician to review materials before responding, improving efficiency. In addition, with TigerConnect’s Message Status feature, the clinician sending the request or message can verify that the message has been sent and when it has been viewed.