About Us

Dramatically improving healthcare is what we're all about.

Our Mission

To transform healthcare communication to make the lives
of physicians, nurses, and patients better.

80% of serious medical errors involve miscommunications between caregivers, per the Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare. Our mission is to reduce that percentage to zero with a secure platform built for the way healthcare really happens.

Work Better. Together.

Success in the medical profession is rarely the result of any one person.

It is the result of well-choreographed teamwork.

Working in front and behind the scenes to get the job done.

And getting the job done is where TigerConnect excels.

TigerConnect is a whole lot more than secure messaging.

It allows the people on your team to work better. Together.

With instant communication. And superior collaboration.

It’s a better way to get things done. With improved outcomes.

Saving you time, money and ultimately, lives.

Because when everyone works better together, you turn your team, into a Tiger Team.

Bringing Teamwork to Your Healthcare Network

Of the largest hospital systems in the U.S., 5 out of 10 trust TigerConnect with their healthcare communications. By using TigerConnect’s secure messaging platform to expedite admissions and discharges, hospitals ensure continuity of care during shift changes, consultations, and so much more. TigerConnect also integrates with the systems organizations already use, which means that work gets streamlined – not disrupted. No matter the size of your organization, TigerConnect was designed with the goal of helping you treat more patients, in a safer way, in less time than ever before.


Why TigerConnect Leads the Way

  • Security & Reliability

    • HITRUST CSF Certified
    • 99.99% Uptime Reliability

  • Workflow Engine

    • Cutting-edge workflow features
    • Supports shift-based workflows of complex health systems

  • Mobile First

    • Built for mobile health
    • Delivers vital patient data at the point of care

  • Scalability

    • 10 Million Messages/Day
    • 4,000+ Organizations

  • Professional Services

    • Deep deployment expertise
    • Ensures maximum success

  • Open API

    • Easily accessible
    • Integrate with clinical systems of record

Make Your Team a Tiger Team:

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