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  • HIPAA-Compliant Email and Messaging: The Benefits of a Multipronged Approach

    Originally posted in HealthTech Magazine

    Email platforms such as Microsoft Office 365 remain an important mode of communicating with and sharing information about patients. But is email HIPAA-compliant?

    The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 Privacy Rule governs how healthcare organizations use, disclose and protect patients’ personal health information. It also covers business associates, including cloud services and email providers, that handle protected health information on their behalf.

    As long as a HIPAA-covered entity secures a business associate agreement with an email provider such as Microsoft, email can comply with HIPAA rules.

    That said, a BAA alone doesn’t guarantee HIPAA compliance.

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  • 5 Reasons Why Communication Breaks Down During Care Transitions

    Originally posted in Medical Economics

    This article was authored by Brad Brooks, CEO of TigerConnect.

    Office-based primary care physicians (PCPs) often bear the brunt of responsibility for ensuring their patients avoid readmission after transitioning from a hospital or post-acute care facility. In many cases, however, preventable readmissions are a result of communication breakdowns between the hospital and the physicians in the community…

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  • Creating an Integrated Healthcare Ecosystem Through Mobile Communication Technology

    Originally posted in Healthcare Financial Management Association

    This article was authored by Brad Brooks, CEO of TigerConnect.

    Healthcare delivery is a highly mobile activity: Physicians, nurses, and ancillary care staff are constantly on the move. To communicate and access the data they need to deliver safe and effective care, providers often must do even more walking, usually to a computer workstation, telephone, or hallway, but nearly always further away from the patient…

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  • Strong Referral Network Integrity Requires Continuum-Wide Communication and Data Sharing

    Originally posted in The American Journal of Managed Care

    This article was authored by Will O’Connor, MD, the chief medical information officer of TigerConnect.

    Millions of patients are referred for specialized services each year, but as many as 45% will never make it to the referred-to clinic or hospital. Missed referrals and other appointments account for more than $150 billion in lost revenue and wasted time for healthcare organizations and costs nearly $1 million per year per employed physician…

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  • TigerConnect CMO Featured in Female Health IT Leaders to Know List

    Originally posted in Becker's Hospital Review Technology is a crucial part of hospitals and health systems across the U.S. It is used by clinicians during medical procedures, plays an increasing role in the patient financial experience, and helps document care...

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  • It’s time for hospitals to revamp clinical communication — 4 experts weigh in on moving beyond pagers & faxes

    Originally posted in Becker's Hospital Review; Content sponsored by TigerConnect Healthcare remains one of the few industries to rely on communication technologies like pagers and fax machines, both of which garnered widespread use in the 1980s but have since fallen...

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  • Restoring the art of practicing medicine: Reducing physician burnout with streamlined clinical communication

    Originally posted in Becker's Hospital Review; Written by Will O'Connor, M.D., TigerConnect Chief Medical Information Officer There are numerous surveys demonstrating that electronic health records (EHRs) are taking a toll on physicians. One of the most recent and large-scale surveys...

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  • Improve Clinical Communication to Reduce ED Overuse and Control Costs

    Originally posted in Healthcare Business Today, by Brad Brooks, TigerText CEO

    Much has been written recently about the opioid epidemic running rampantly through American cities and towns. The crisis impacts everyone, including hospitals that are being inundated by patients with opioid-related emergencies, often including overdoses of potentially lethal combinations of prescription medications and illegal drugs.

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  • Reclaim an hour or more with integrated mobile communication

    Originally posted in HIT Leaders & News; Written by Brad Brooks, TigerText CEO

    It’s no wonder a recent survey shows that 70 percent of nurses report feeling burned out. As patient care demands, care complexity, and regulatory uncertainties compound with inefficient clinical communication workflows to create a lethal cocktail for burnout and patient safety concerns.

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  • Clinical Communication Must Evolve to a System of Record, Display and Action to Improve Efficiency

    Originally posted in Becker’s Healthcare Review, Written by Brad Brooks, TigerText CEO

    It’s no secret that electronic health record (EHRs) still do not fit well with clinical workflows.

    This means providers often wait until the end of their shift to enter data, which leads to stale information for other care team members until the chart is updated. To mitigate that risk, they often carry their most recent patient information with them on paper or their personal mobile device.

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  • Improving Clinical Communication for Care Coordination

    Originally posted in Hospitals & Health Networks, Written by Brad Brooks, TigerText CEO

    Truly collaborative care requires efficient and effective clinical communication during patient handoffs — from the emergency department to radiology to surgery and even to the patient’s primary care physician.

    With most physicians and other clinicians using disparate communications platforms, however, handoffs can be uncoordinated and incomplete, leading to wasted time, unnecessary costs and unplanned outcomes.

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  • TigerText Focuses on Optimizing Clinical Workflow in New Release

    Originally posted March, 24 2016 Featured in HIT Consultant

    Sadly, the majority of the healthcare industry is still using outdated pager services, over paying by 45 percent. TigerText, the secure communications leader in healthcare, announced its Spring ’16 release which focuses s on optimizing clinical workflow efficiency and reducing the costs of care delivery.

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