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    How a Lack of Communication is Damaging Healthcare

    How a lack of communication is damaging healthcare.

    The pace of change in healthcare moves slowly, and this is completely understandable. When patients’ lives and overall well-being rests in your hands, it’s an enormous responsibility and generally safer to rely on proven methods of care. Unfortunately, that mentality...

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    What’s the New “Super Simple” Path to 3 Big Wins for Doctors and Nurses?

    3 big wins for Doctors from a clinical communication platform

    It’s 1849. You’re in New York City. You need to consult on an important matter with your business partner in San Francisco. The Post Office Department began mail service to the west coast two years earlier, so you drop a...

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    9 Proven Ways TigerConnect Makes Life Better for Patients

    TigerConnect Makes Life Better for Patients

    In TigerConnect’s eBook, The Big Easy Win, we identified 16 key metrics that are improved by the implementation of a Clinical Communication & Collaboration (CC&C) solution like TigerConnect. This post focuses on nine metrics from that list that make life...

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    Reduce the Costs of Treating Sepsis

    Reduce the Cost of Sepsis

    According to the CDC, sepsis accounts for over 250,000 deaths in the U.S. each year and the Sepsis Alliance estimates that cost to be nearly $24 billion annually, making it the most dangerous and expensive condition to treat in the...

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